Thinking of renting a property via Kimberley’s?

If you find a property that you are interested in via Kimberley’s you will be provided with an application form that will need to be completed and returned at the earliest opportunity. We work on a first come, first served basis so once an application has been received the property will be reserved, subject to successful referencing.

Cost implications if letting through Kimberley’s:

Full Reference

Individual Application - £168 Incl. VAT
Joint Application - £192 Incl. VAT

Guarantor Referencing

Individual Application - £50 Incl. VAT

If you pass the referencing;

Security Deposit *

1.5 times the agreed monthly rent if Unfurnished or twice the monthly rent if Furnished/Pets allowed.

This is returnable in Full at the end of the Tenancy, subject to the completion of a satisfactory tenancy and the property being in the same condition as it was at the outset of your tenancy give or take acceptable “Wear & Tear”

* First Months Rent plus an Administration Charge (90.00 inc VAT)

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